Retro meets modern fashion

The Weird Butterfly

2016070629060423720160706-213609859Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetRomwe Long-Sleeve

I love going back in the history of fashion because you can get a lot of inspiration from past eras, you can go through your grandma’s closet and find fabulous vintage dresses or go online like me and find retro dresses that emulate that era.

Fashion in the 1940s was all about the hour glass figure, with tiny waists, broad shoulders and big hips, the dresses were knee length. Women used to achieve this look with A-line skirts, dresses tight on the waist (sometimes helped with a belt) and shoulder pads.

This dress from Romweit’s very similar to that time of fashion, the V neckline, waist belt and the light structure in the skirt are perfect.

When I received this beautiful dress an idea came to my head, what would happen if I mixed modern trends with the 40’s? Well, I took some trends from 2016, like the choker…

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