No Boundaries-V, World Dance Day 2015 @ Kamani Auditorium

No Boundaries…an event that truly completed and justified the World Dance Day, 2015. What could one wish for than getting a chance to see the legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj ji on the day the world rejoices dance.


Bestowed with the presence of great artists like Ashley Lobo and Bharat Sharma, the evening gave me goose-bumps with its spectacular dance performances with well known choreographers and dance groups.

The scintillating performances portrayed different dance forms from classical to Jazz to Broadway and many others. There were powerful female and male dancers matching toes with the rhythm.

The conjunction of all those movement styles coupled with the colossal set pieces in the two socially non-trivial creations performed on stage, demanded near-Olympic fitness and focus from the young performers.

The event started with the Bharatnatyam performance by team Aayam. The dancers were dressed in rich ethnic costumes that only added to their marvellous performance. The evening continued with performances in Kathak, Odissi dance, Jazz, Broadway, Ballet, Contemporary, Belly dance, MJ styles and many more.

The dancers were dressed in costumes that added charm to their performances and kept the audiences spell bound throughout. The colours, fabrics and styling of the costumes were truly resplendent and well chosen.

The evening was exciting and uniquely entertaining. The utilization of the large set was artfully done and contributed to the choreography  There is no doubt that the audience enjoyed all the pieces from the standing ovation at the finish of the night’s performance.

Until next time….


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