Movie Review: Makad Jaala automatically becomes the ‘Baap’ of all KRK’s!


Cast: Amit Pundir, Ashmita Bakshi, Ananya Chaudhary, Mushtaq Khan.

Directed by: Dinesh Kumar Sahu

Review by: Vaalee Supreet

Ratings:  1/2 (Half Star)

Friends! Believe me, After making one such pathetic film Makad Jaala-The Political Trap, Film maker Dinesh Kumar Sahu had the “Guts” to organize the movie’s Press Preview two days prior to it’s release. Kindly also note: The preview did “Not” had an intermission, Despite of showing Intermission credits on the screen.

Makad Jaala 2

Why did I need an “Intermission”? So that i could run away from the Cinema. I was locked! I was scared! I was tortured and tormented! Because i was watching this film.

Makad Jaala (Dares) to tell a story about two college going friends who joins two Political gangsters for money and fame. Those two political gangsters (One of them played by Dinesh Kumar Sahu himself) misuses them both and makes them each others enemy. In…

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