It’s wedding reception time for Kunal Kapoor and Naina Bachchan!


Reading about weddings and happier news, is always the best way to start the day!  April 11th (Saturday), saw the grand wedding reception of model-turned-actor, Kunal Kapoor and investment banker Naina Bachchan.  You’re probably wondering, is she from THE Bachchanparivaar (family)?  You’re right, she is!  Naina is AmitabhBachchan’s niece – and so too is obviously, Jaya Bachchan’s niece and Abhishek Bachchan’s cousin!  Apparently, Big B’s daughter, Shweta Nanda, decided to make big moves and become a matchmaker.  She set up her cousin with her friend Kunal!  As luck would have it, the couple hit it off, dated for a few years, and then got engaged in 2014.  Earlier this year, February 9, the two officially got married in a private ceremony in Seychelles.  They wanted to keep it low-key, so most of their celebrity friends were unable to attend. Thankfully, they opted for a grander reception…

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