Ek Paheli Leela Review



Okay, Bollywood really needs to get over this hangover of being so obsessed with body-show. It gets really irritating when the director is just busy focusing on the cleavage unnecessarily and not even giving an actress a chance to try something different, I mean give Sunny a chance to do a film where she doesn’t need to drop down her clothes all the time.

Meera (Sunny Leone), a supermodel who is a bit claustrophobic, foolishly and too childishly is brought to India from Rajasthan for a photo-shoot. At the same time a musician Karan (Jay Bhanushali) is haunted by some dreams which suggest a story of reincarnation in which he sees Sunny as Leela. Karan is advised to finish his unfinished story by a typical Baba and so he comes to Rajasthan too. Meanwhile Leela has fallen in love with a handsome Rajput prince, Ranveer (Mohit Ahlawat). On the other…

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